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An Exclusive Awarded French Pre-wedding Photography Experience

Moment Romantique Production, a Hong Kong company specializes in providing pre-wedding and honeymoon photography service. Since 2011, we are proud to be the sole photography referral agency inHong Kongfor the service of Magic Flight Studio (France). Moment Romantique Production is a new energetic company with passions in bringing new cultural elements and excitement toHong Kongyoung couples for enhancing their standard of wedding projects. We dedicated in bringing the real French photography style with lovely romantic scene in Paris to all Hong Kong wedding couples. The collaboration between Magic Flight Studio and Moment Romantique Production is a cross-cultural project which is specialized in pre-wedding, engagement, and honeymoon as well as life-style photography service. 

As per our company promotion slogan, “An Exclusive Awarded French Pre-wedding Photography Experience”, we committed in providing professional pre-wedding photography service to our valuable customers by our master-class chief photographer: Mr. Jacques Mateos. You will experience the truly French style of pre-wedding photography in such a romantic city,Paris. We have our dedicated customer service team in handling every customer’s project and providing our professional recommendations about your trip inParisincluding the arrangement of bridal dress, photography locations, make-up style, accommodations referral as well as post-trip photo production selecting process. Therefore, our simply mission is to make your pre-wedding photography a memorable experience in your life.

Besides, we have several business partnership agreements with bridal rental company, wedding banquet decoration in order to give you the convenience way in simplifying your wedding project. 

Please share your experience with us in having our French master-class wedding photographer for your once-a-lifetime pre-wedding photography experience inParis.


Moment Romantique旨在提供創新而優質的婚紗攝影服務,以嶄新角度,為滿有要求的你留住最甜蜜美滿的珍貴片段。於2011年,我們決意將更大的驚喜為你奉上 Moment Romantique 成功將法國 Magic Flight Studio 的攝影服務獨家引進香港!在充滿浪漫氣氛的法國內陸,殿堂級的攝影大師以精闢角度為你捕捉最完美一刻:婚紗照、蜜月佳期,還是生活點滴,箇中精彩都能為你凝住,豐富你一生中最重要的回憶。 

盼望為自己的婚照添上清新浪漫的色彩?我們的星級攝影師 — Mr. Jacques Mateos 可以為你達成這個要求!經驗豐富的攝影團隊,帶你走進這個浪漫城市最美的場景!專業而客觀的意見,配合嚴謹優質的服務,由租借婚紗禮服、挑選拍攝場地、化妝、住宿、以至揀選照片,每項細節都盡心安排。我們希望做到的,就是為你留住人生最美滿而難忘的回憶。



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